General Membership Information

Entrance Allocation (EA)
Primary Members age 35 and older as of January 1 of the membership year are required to purchase an EA.   The Club may offer payment programs for the EA. The EA is not eligible to be paid monthly.  Ask for details.

Voting Rights
All playing members in good standing, having reached 18 years of age or older, may vote in matters of club governance and be eligible to serve as a Director of the Club.

Additional Memberships (Spousal/Family)
A spouse may play as an additional member without their own EA.  Children 34 and under may also be registered under a parent’s EA as additional members.  Additional members are eligible to save up to 15% off their Annual Dues.  See the Membership Rates page for details.   

Capital Assessment
A mandatory annual capital assessment is in effect payable by all members aged 19 and older. 

Booking Tee Times
Any Member (excluding Juniors) can book 7 days in advance.  Ballots may be submitted up to twelve days in advance, with a final lottery draw taking place 7 days in advance.  Booking opens at 7:00 pm.

Food & Beverage Minimum
All members aged 19 and older are responsible for meeting a $300 Food & Beverage Minimum.  Life and Social Members are excluded.  Spending towards private or special events are not included.

Non-Playing Social Members
Social Members are casual playing members who enjoy member events.  They may use Club facilities, including practice areas.  They are entitled to play 5 rounds during the season and can enjoy member rates for guests and events. 

Changing Levels
Members are able to choose a different category each year.  Please inform administration of your choice in writing prior to the deadline provided before annual billing takes place. 

Upgrading During the Season
When allowed, Members may be able to upgrade categories with payment of the increased golfing dues.  An additional $150 Upgrade Fee will also be applicable.  This is dependant on total membership.

Tracking Rounds
All members are required to check in with a Golf Shop staff member.  They can very easily check you in and advise you of your current round total.  Limited Members are encouraged to make sure they have booked the correct type of round (i.e. 18 or 9 holes) to ensure that their round is counted correctly.  Alternatively, Members who golf only 9 holes should check in with the Golf Shop AFTER their round as well to verify that only 9 holes were played.  Please make sure to cancel any rounds that you will not be able to play online or directly with the Golf Shop.  No Show rounds will count toward your total.  Changes to your checked in rounds after day’s end are not permitted.

Rounds Excluded From Maximum
Most rounds played will counts towards your category’s maximum.  Exceptions include: any “outside tournament” for which the full tournament fee is paid (i.e. charity tournaments, Ladies Invitational, Senior Men’s Invitational, Kawartha Invitational, and Oktoberfest Tournament).  Men’s and Ladies’ Opening and Closing will also will not count towards their maximum.  Club Championships DO count toward your total rounds, as will any Match Play games.

Splitting Rounds
Limited 18H Members may split a maximum of 5 rounds which gives a total of 15 18-
hole rounds and 10 9-hole rounds. Limited 9H Members may play 18-hole rounds but it will count as two (2) of their rounds.

Additional Rounds
Members may purchase additional rounds if they have reached their maximum number of rounds.   Rounds can be purchased at the member guest fee, to a maximum of five (5) additional rounds only.  These will be purchased on a per game basis upon check-in at the Golf Shop.

No Carry Over
The round total in place is a maximum only.  No refunds or extended rounds will be given for rounds not used during the season.  Rounds are non-transferrable.

Bringing Guests
Members can bring as many guests as they like during a season.  However, any one guest may only play a maximum of 5 times per season.