The Golf Course at Kawartha

The land now occupied by the Kawartha Golf & Country Club had been held by the Crown until 1844 when 20 acres were granted to the Rev. John Gilmour, a pioneer Baptist pastor in Peterborough. He sold the farm to his son in 1848 and it passed through several owners and tenants until 1889. Then, most of the parcel was sold to George Webber, who paid $9,500 for the 180 acres north of the gravel road, which is now Clonsilla Avenue.

During the 1890’s George Webber had a stone fence built along the front of the property and the laneway and the farm became known as “Stonehedge”. These fences were removed about 1920 and the rocks were used as the base of the roadbed for Highway 28. Title to the farm passed through various members of the Webber family until June 4, 1931, when the property was sold to the Canadian General Electric Company for $15,000 and by 1932, the Kawartha Golf & Country Club had been established.

For over a half a century Canadian General Electric owned the golf club, selling it in 1983 to the Club Members for $825,000. At this point the Club was semi-private and governed by 461 debenture owners.  The original farmhouse still exists, but has been expanded and forms part of the clubhouse. The foundation of the barn still serves as part of the walls of the Golf Shop.